Description Edit

The Tropics is a new biome added to Minecraft Ultimate Edition. It was first leaked along with the Arctic Biome in a post from microsoft titled "#Hotornot". This biome is found near beaches. The water in the Tropics biome is usually very clear. In the water are a bunch of small islands with lime green grass. Inland, there is more lime green grass, and forests of beautiful palm trees on hilly mountians. Pools of crystal clear water can be found in these forests, usually crawling with sea creatures. But Quicksand Patches are common as well

Fauna and Flora Edit

The flora in this biome is a wide variety of palm trees, tropical hawaiian flowers, stinky rafflessia and corpse flowers and fly traps. There are many animals in this biome including crabs, lobsters, baby octopi, starfish, ect. found in the tidepools. Leopards, Tarantulas, Tapir, Chameleons and more can also be found here

Equiptment Edit

  • Essential food and water
  • Rope, incase you fall in quicksand
  • Venom Cure, because of Tarantula Bites
  • Scuba Gear
  • Swords or Bows to protect against leopards

Resources Found Here Edit

You can find palm trees and palm wood, as well as bananas and coconuts. There are also many flowers and plants to use as decoration and quicksand as well